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Mechanical design involves modelling and detailing parts, machinery and assemblies across various industries. 

Product (Industrial) design involves developing products for various commercial structural and retail applications.


BHP - Hot rolled steel products division, rolling machinery cad redesign including complex and detailed dimensioning.

Beverley Industries (Paul Prince) - Cast products detailing and cad interfacing defined by geometric tolerancing and associated machinery and part design. 

Pilkington Glass - Automotive sheet glass products manufacturing machinery design proposals and mechanical part details.

Hypac (now Kempgroup, Paul Kaminsky) - Specialised marine pumps, capstans and power unit mechanical product cad design and part detailing. 

Mitsubishi Motors - Factory and production line machinery interfacing and redesign for increased mechanical operational efficiency.

Hawker de Havilland, ADI and Easams - Defence specification (Def (Aust) 5085) detailing and design of mechanical and structural parts for weapons systems using IDEAS software and AutoCAD. Cleared to SECRET level.

Sonnex - 3D cad wind turbine installation hub cover redesign with Inventor. Including mechanical parts and electrical interfacing.

Dawn Patrol Coffee - Development and 3D cad modelling of a coffee dripper product assembly for retail sale. Parts were manufactured with a 3D printing process.

Double Glazed - Development in 3D cad of structural parts to increase the mechanical efficiency of double glazed windows and doors and expand the retail product range.                                                                                                                                 

SMR - Design and modelling in 3D cad of an extremely complex automotive part jig to assemble mechanical parts by glueing. This included a 3D curved rail to support the glue carriage using roller bearings and accurate location fixtures. The parts were manufactured by a combination of traditional machining and contemporary 3D printing.  

Murray Bridge Bin Manufacturing - Site measuring, modelling and detailing of a range of skips including plate and door interfacing and full manufacturing requirements. 



Detroit Engine and Turbine, Allied Engineering, Arnott's, Boral, CMPS&F (now GHD Group), Aztec, ROH, Leigh Mardon, Glenrob, ABB, Adelaide Brighton Cement, Century Drilling, Dexon/Holdens, Liebherr, Kilic Engineering, Multimech, Hardy Spicer, Adelaide Conveyor Co.



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